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Join Zoomtal And Work Wherever Life Takes You

Join the zoomtal platform and work on your terms, outside IR35 with a multitude of construction clients from around the globe

"Zoomtal is a curated network of the best construction professionals available on demand to Construction clients "

1. Complete Your Profile On Zoomtal

2. Get Matched To  Assignments

3. Undertake Work

4. Get Paid At Agreed Rate

How It Works

You simply apply to join the network, are interviewed and tested by one of our consultants and if accepted:

Why Join Zoomtal

 Quality Clients

Work with some of the fastest growing construction companies in the world that need your skills the most and appreciate what you bring to the table. We fully vet our clients so you don't have to.


Hassle Free Assignments

We handle all the logistics, paperwork , invoicing and provide you with the tools you need so you can focus on what you do best.


Work Outside IR35

As a Zoomer, every assignment you take on the platform is guaranteed outside IR35. Continue working through your limited company on Zoomtal projects without fear of the taxman.


Diverse Projects

You can find virtually any type of opportunity on Zoomtal. Increase your portfolio and broaden your skills by working on some of the most prestigious projects worldwide ranging from telecoms, M&E, residential, Education, healthcare, infrastructure and many more.

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Work On Your Terms

If you're employed full time, no problem. Just set your available hours on the platform and start earning some extra cash. Want to freelance full time through the platform? excellent, you can do that too. Work to your schedule, pick your clients and your hours. Work to live not live to work.

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